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Release notes

Version 1.2.103

Released on 10 May 2017 This update applies to: Golfer 2 (CCWEB-4766)
  • You can now track steps, time spent being physically active, calories burned and distance moved. To enable the tracker, set a goal in SETTINGS > TRACKER.
  • We have improved autoshot detection and you can now choose whether you use left or right-handed clubs. The default setting is RIGHT. To switch to LEFT, go to SETTINGS > PROFILE > CLUBS.
    Tip: Which wrist you wear the watch on has no effect.
  • We've made it easier to control vibration and beep for swing detection. For Hole and for Strokes you now have the optionsĀ  BEEP + VIBRATE, BEEP, VIBRATE and OFF.
  • We've fixed an issue which caused the alert about ending the 18th hole to be shown when entering the green instead of when exiting.

Version 1.2.93

Released on 21 September 2016 This update applies to: Golfer 2
  • We have added a long-press LEFT to pause and exit an activity.
  • We have fixed a bug that caused courses in Doha to not be shown on the watch.
  • We have added text advising you to palm the screen in order to add a shot.
  • Various performance improvements and error fixes have been implemented.

Version 1.2.91

Released on 26 July 2016 This update applies to: Golfer 2


  • You can now turn off the buzz when a swing is detected.
  • After detecting a swing automatically or manually, you now have 10 seconds to cancel its addition to the scorecard.

Bug fixes and performance improvements

  • We have fixed a bug which occasionally prevents swings from being registered.
  • Various performance improvements and bug fixes have been implemented.

Version 1.2.83

Released on 26 May 2016 This update applies to: Golfer 2
  • We improved the Settings menu.
  • We improved translations for some languages.