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Release notes

Version 1.40.0

Released on 27 March 2017 This update applies to: TomTom Touch
  • When you disconnect your activity tracker from a power source after charging a flat battery, you are now shown a blinking 0:00 time on the screen. This makes it clearer that the activity tracker needs to be synced. To sync, open the TomTom Sports App or connect your activity tracker to TomTom Sports Connect on your computer.
  • We have made minor improvements to the battery life outside the Sports mode.
  • We have moved the Sports mode screen above the Instant Heart-Rate screen.
  • We have improved the reliability of call and SMS notifications on iOS.
  • We have fixed an issue that could cause the TomTom Sports App to forget the activity tracker.
  • To ensure the best battery performance we have disabled 24/7 heart rate measurement by default. This does not affect your current settings. Only after a factory reset will 24/7 heart rate measurement be disabled.
    You can enable 24/7 heart rate measurement again in the TomTom Sports app. Tap Manage and then tap your Fitness Tracker to go to the Device Settings.
  • We have improved Bluetooth connectivity to make it more reliable.

Version 1.24.0

Released on 13 December 2016 This update applies to: TomTom Touch
  • You can now double-tap on your Touch to end a workout.
  • The battery alert is now shown for a shorter time
  • We now add your estimated distance from your workout to your daily distance metric outside an activity.

Version 1.18.1

Released on 21 November 2016 This update applies to: TomTom Touch
  • We’ve fixed an issue which sometimes prevents the Fitness Tracker from recording sleep.
  • We’ve improved the off-wrist detection.
  • We’ve made small improvements to the user interface.

Version 1.17.0

Released on  1 November 2016 This update applies to: TomTom Touch
  • You can now choose between a 12-hour clock or a 24-hour clock for your Fitness Tracker by selecting one of these options in the MySports preferences. You can change the setting here:
  • We have improved the reliability of the Bluetooth connection.

Version 1.15.0

Released on 24 October 2016 This update applies to: TomTom Touch
  • We have removed some delays in syncing data with your phone.
  • We have made some small Bluetooth reliability improvements.
  • We have fixed a bug which occasionally caused the partial loss of sleep tracking data.

Version 1.14.1

Released on 13 October 2016 This update applies to: TomTom Touch
  • This release contains improvements to Bluetooth functionality.

Version 1.11.0

Released on 29 September 2016 This update applies to: TomTom Touch
  • We want you to Get Going, but not to stop an activity accidentally. That's why we've improved the way in which you stop an activity. To stop an activity, press the button on your TomTom Touch to wake it up, swipe to the Finish flag, then press the button again.
  • Various performance improvements and bug fixes have been implemented.

Version 1.8.0

Released on 15 September 2016 This update applies to: TomTom Touch
  • We've improved the usability when measuring your heart rate.
  • We've improved the stability of the body composition measurement.