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Release notes

Version 1.3.56

Released on  9 June 2016

  • You can now add new types of overlays to your videos, for example the Trailblazer showing your GPS trace.
  • You can now select and add multiple overlays to your video story.
  • You can now change where Bandit Studio saves your videos.
  • You can now export GPX files from tracks.

Version 1.2.54

Released on 21 April 2016

  • The Originals tab has been replaced by a Videos and a Photos tab.
  • A TomTom Bandit video outro can now be included in your video.
  • We have improved fonts in the Windows version.
  • The progress of exporting and sharing your video story is now shown more precisely.
  • You can now add a 3D G-force overlay.
  • Overlays for speed and G-force (2D and 3D) now have more smooth transitions.
  • You can now select multiple highlights to add overlays, to mute them or to delete them.

Version 1.1.52

Released on 10 March 2016

  • We have fixed the incorrect overlay values that were displayed after muting a highlight clip.

Version 1.1

Released on  1 March 2016

  • You can now overlay your Altitude and Heart Rate on your video.
  • You can quickly preview your highlights by scrolling your mouse over the thumbnail.
  • We now support night-lapse videos created by the Bandit camera.
  • When you export your GPS information, you can now access the timestamp and compass information.
  • Better player control has been implemented when you move to different points in videos.
  • When you create a video, we fixed a problem which would only cut on I-frames, resulting in different video length to what was previewed.
  • Formatting the microSD card now names the card by TT_CAM default.