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Advanced Lane Guidance
Advanced Lane Guidance helps you prepare for motorway exits and junctions by showing the correct driving lane for your planned route. As you approach an exit or junction, the lane you need is shown on the screen and in the instruction panel.
Note: Lane guidance is not available for all junctions or in all countries.

Bluetooth enables information to be sent between electronic devices that have Bluetooth. If you use Bluetooth you don't need to connect the devices together using wires.

For example: You can establish a Bluetooth connection between your mobile phone and your navigation device to receive Traffic updates when you're on the move.

Bluetooth® Smart
Bluetooth Smart has a considerably reduced power consumption while maintaining a similar communication range.

Bluetooth Smart is also known as Bluetooth low energy or BLE.

Computer voices
Instead of selecting items on the screen to control your navigation device, you can use your voice to control your device.

You can use voice control to control many of the navigation features on your device, or to change settings on your device. For example, you can change the screen to day colours or decrease the device volume just by using your voice.

Voice control is active in the map view, the guidance view, and the voice control screen.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS) systems are satellite-based systems that provide location and timing information around the globe. GPS is operated and controlled by the Government of the United States of America, which is solely responsible for its availability and accuracy. GLONASS is operated and controlled by the Government of Russia, which is solely responsible for its availability and accuracy. Changes in GPS or GLONASS availability and accuracy, or in environmental conditions may impact the operation of this device. TomTom disclaims any liability for the availability and accuracy of GPS or GLONASS.

IQ Routes

IQ Routes is the smart and efficient way to calculate routes. This innovative technology is based on actual average speed data, rather than permitted speed limits. Devices with IQ Routes plan a route by analysing all possible routes and then selecting the one that takes the least time based on recent historical data. This results in a faster route, and saves you money by significantly reducing travel time and fuel usage.

This intelligent routing technology is based on historical speed data collected anonymously from millions of TomTom users worldwide who voluntarily provide us with speed-data from their journeys.

Routes are planned with IQ Routes using all the factors that may influence the time it takes you to get to your destination, including traffic lights, roundabouts, steep slopes, speed bumps and whether you are travelling on a weekday or at the weekend.

Map Share

You can report map corrections using Map Share. These map corrections are then shared with other TomTom navigation device users when they receive a map update.

All map corrections reported by TomTom navigation device users are verified by TomTom. These verified corrections are then sent back to your own device as part of the next map update.

POI stands for Point of Interest. A POI can be any interesting place, for example a restaurant, a cinema, or a hospital. Maps that come with TomTom products include lots of POIs.
Pairing is another name for establishing a Bluetooth connection. It is also sometimes called bonding.


Most TomTom devices use the signals of at least 4 satellites to get a GPS fix and determine your starting location. This can take longer when the GPS signal is weak or partially blocked. When using QuickGPSfix, your TomTom device retains information about where the GPS satellites will be for the coming days. Your navigation device can then calculate where you are very quickly and with only a weak GPS signal.


The Traffic Message Channel (TMC) is not a TomTom Service. FM radio stations in several countries broadcast TMC information as part of their programming. TMC is also known as RDS-TMC traffic information.

TomTom Traffic

TomTom Traffic is a unique TomTom service providing real-time traffic information. In combination with IQ Routes, TomTom Traffic helps you plan the optimum route to your destination taking into account the current local traffic conditions.

Your navigation device regularly receives information about the changing traffic conditions. If traffic jams or other incidents are found on your current route, your device will offer to replan your route to try and avoid any delays.

To get TomTom services on your navigation device, you must be connected to TomTom services and logged in to a MyTomTom account.


USB is a simple way to connect devices to a computer so that information can be exchanged. Using a USB cable, you can connect a device to the USB port on a computer. Both the device and the computer must have a USB port. USB stands for Universal Serial Bus.

ZIP file

A ZIP file is a file that contains one or more other files. The files in the ZIP file are compressed so that they are smaller. As they are smaller, ZIP files can be downloaded from the internet more quickly.
To use the files in a ZIP file, they must be extracted.

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