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Find the model of your navigation device and what software it uses

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To see which navigation device you have and what software it uses for updates, select the first two characters of your serial number from the drop-down below.

Your serial number can be found on a barcode sticker on your device, and for newer devices you can also find it on an information/about screen on the device itself. A TomTom serial number consists of 12 characters, starting with one or two letters.

Note: The result from the serial number checker will not show features such as embedded services and map updates that were included in the purchase of your navigation device.

The number you entered is not a TomTom serial number. Check the serial number on your device and enter it again.

Where to find your serial number

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Where to find the serial number depends on your device. You can see some examples below.

* Your TomTom device comes with regular software and fixed speed camera updates and seasonal (4 times per year) updates for maps. To download these updates you need an active internet connection via Wi-Fi® or a computer with access to the internet. Your TomTom device also comes with regular traffic and mobile speed camera services. To receive these services your device needs to be smartphone connected, or equipped with a built-in SIM including Data. All of these services and updates will be available as long as your TomTom device is fully operational. Fully operational means that the device is able to receive software updates, service updates, content and works with current accessories. A device will not be fully operational when one of these can no longer be received by the device or is no longer available. As our map and navigation software technologies evolve they may require newer hardware technology to support this. In case the hardware is no longer compatible, updates will not be possible. Services and updates can only be used on the device they have been purchased with and cannot be transferred to another TomTom device. In order to fully benefit from available updates, please register your device by signing into MyDrive Connect.

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Serial Number

Your device is either a [[device]] or a [[device1]]. If you have a Truck device, you will see the menu My Vehicle under Settings. Your device updates through [[software]].
your device is a TomTom Bridge with [[memory]] memory and it updates through [[software]].
Your device is either a [[device]] or [[device1]] and updates through [[software]].
Your device is either a [[device]], [[device1]], [[device2]] or [[device3]] and updates through [[software]].

Important:​ Your device is no longer supported through phone, and it's not possible to buy new maps and services for your device. You can still get help through our user forum and FAQs. More information.

Your device is fully supported through phone and email. You can also get help through our user forum and FAQs.
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