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How do I pair headphones to my watch?

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Some TomTom GPS watches are supplied with their own headphones for listening to music. Alternatively you can use most Bluetooth® headsets or speakers to listen to music played on your watch.

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To pair your supplied Bluetooth® headphones with your watch, do the following:

  1. Switch the headphones OFF.

  2. To enter pairing mode, hold the button down on the headset control for 10 seconds.

    Tip: Blue and red lights alternately flash when the headphones are in pairing mode. You could also put one earbud in one ear so you can hear the audio feedback during pairing.


  3. Move UP from the Clock screen.

    Your watch searches for headphones.

  4. If only one set of headphones is found, pairing starts.

    Note: If more than one set of headphones are found, move at least 10m away from the other sets of headphones.

  5. When pairing between your watch and headphones is successful, a tick appears with the name of your headphones shown.


You can now start listening to music played on your watch! Important: If pairing is not successful, switch OFF your headphones and try again.

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