How do I download and install a map on my Sony XAV?

Updated: 17/10/2014 01.52 AM

To update your TomTom Nav Compatible with Sony XAV with the latest map or to restore the map on your TomTom Nav Compatible with Sony XAV, follow these steps:

Tips before you start

  • A map download can take some time. The length of the process depends on the speed of your Internet connection.

  • Check the version of the map on your SD card to see if you need a map update.

    1. Launch the TomTom app on your Sony XAV.

    2. Tap the screen to show the Main menu, then tap Settings > About.

      The version of the map is listed next to the name of the Map. The latest version of the map of Australia is 930.5611.
  • Check if there is sufficient free space on your computer. You need a minimum of 6GB.

  • Check that your internet connection is stable for the download.

  • Make sure you have an SD card reader.

Downloading your map

  1. Download the map of your region to your computer by clicking the download button below.

    Australia version 930.5611 (01.11.2014). The file size is: 350 MB Download

  2. Extract the map from the downloaded zip file.

    Windows Vista / Windows 7/Windows 8:
    1. Right-click the zip file, and then click Extract All.
    2. In the Extract Compressed (Zipped) Folders window, click Extract.
      A new folder called SonyXNV_Australia… is created.

    Mac OS X operating system:
    1. Double-click the zip file.
      A new folder called SonyXNV_Australia... is created.

Installing your map

  1. Remove the map SD card from your Sony XAV after car ignition position is off.

  2. Insert the map SD card into an SD card reader connected to your computer.

  3. Delete all contents from the SD card.
    Important: Do not replace the map content on the SD card. You must first delete the old map from the SD card.

  4. Copy the map files from the unzipped folder to the SD card.

    Right-click the com.tomtom.australia folder and, from the menu, click Send To..., and then click the drive (for example: SD Disk E:) that represents your SD card. The folder is copied to your SD card.

    Mac OS X:
    Drag and drop the com.tomtom.australia folder to the root folder of the SD card.
    Note: Do NOT change the name or structure of the folder or the files in the sub-folder.
  5. When the transfer is complete, safely eject the SD card from your computer:

    Windows: Click the Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media icon in the notification area and select the SD card.

    Mac: Click the eject button next to the SD card in the side bar of a Finder window.

  6. Insert your SD card back into your Sony XAV before car ignition position is on.

  7. Launch the navigation app. The new map is ready for use.
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  • On Friday 3/4/2015 and Monday 6/4/2015 our support lines are closed.

  • New Zealand map
    The latest map for New Zealand is showing incorrect speed limits and has been withdrawn. Our map team has identified the issue and is working on a fix. If you have already installed the New Zealand map version 9.45, please connect your device to MyDrive and download a temporary fix with map version 9.40. A new map will be available soon. We will update this announcement when the new map is available.