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Most of the latest TomTom products come with a variety of services so you always drive with the most up-to-date travel information. Currently, TomTom Services include TomTom Traffic, Safety Camera Updates and MyDrive. All TomTom Services need your device to be connected to the internet to receive the latest information.

You can connect to TomTom Services in the following way:

Smartphone Connected

Your TomTom navigation device connects to the internet by sharing your smartphone's internet connection via Bluetooth®.

  • Android phone or iPhone required**
  • One-time set-up via Bluetooth®
  • Active internet data plan required
Check smartphone compatibility and learn more

**Your smartphone needs to be compatible and come with a data plan. Extra costs may apply.

Smartphone Connected

Travelling conditions change all the time. Because we want our community to have the best driving experience, we want you to always have the most up-to-date information. That's why all TomTom Services require your TomTom navigation device to be connected to the Internet. Currently, TomTom Services include: TomTom Traffic, Safety Camera Updates and MyDrive.

Our Smartphone Connected devices use Bluetooth to connect to and share your smartphone's 3G/4G network connectivity. We've ensured that TomTom Services use very little data to have the minimum possible impact on your monthly data allowance.

How much data will TomTom Services use?

On average, if you drive for one hour per day during peak traffic times, you will use approximately 7 MB of data per month. This is less than the equivalent of downloading or streaming 2 music tracks per month (which use around 5MB each).

Note: If you plan to travel abroad and want to use TomTom Services, be aware that you can incur additional data-roaming charges because you will be using the Internet abroad. You can check your data roaming plan and costs by contacting your mobile operator. Find out more

How do I activate TomTom Services on a Smartphone Connected TomTom navigation device?

Please follow the simple steps here to connect your phone to your TomTom navigation device and activate TomTom Services.

Learn more about TomTom Services

To learn more about each of the TomTom Services, click one of the options below:

Get TomTom Traffic

How do you get TomTom Traffic on a Smartphone Connected device?

Watch the video

You need to ensure you have a compatible smartphone with a valid data plan. Setting up a connection then only takes a few steps:

  1. Download the MyDrive mobile app onto your phone from
    Note: make sure mobile data is on, Bluetooth is on and your phone is discoverable and you open the app after the download
  2. Turn on your TomTom navigation device
  3. Go to the Main Menu.
  4. Tap "TomTom Traffic".
  5. Pair and connect your phone with your TomTom device.
  6. Register or log into your TomTom account on the MyDrive mobile app, and you are ready to start driving with TomTom Traffic.
  7. On your device, open the Main Menu and select TomTom Services.
  8. Select Network Status to see the instructions for connecting your phone.
  9. Click Next, and select your phone in the list.
  10. You will get a notification on your phone asking to confirm the connection with a pairing code.
  11. Confirm the pairing.
  12. Now your device can access TomTom Services through your phone’s connection.

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