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What is IQ Routes?

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IQ Routes is the smart and efficient way to calculate routes. This innovative technology is based on actual average speed data, rather than permitted speed limits. Devices with IQ Routes plan a route by analysing all possible routes and then selecting the one that takes the least time based on recent historical data. This results in a faster route, and saves you money by significantly reducing travel time and fuel usage.

Note: This feature is not available on all TomTom devices.

Historical anonymous data

This intelligent routing technology is based on historical speed data collected anonymously from millions of TomTom users worldwide who voluntarily provide us with speed-data from their journeys.

Routes are planned with IQ Routes using all the factors that may influence the time it takes you to get to your destination, including traffic lights, roundabouts, steep slopes, speed bumps and whether you are travelling on a weekday or at the weekend.

For example, a standard fastest-route calculation would plan the following route:


However, IQ Routes calculates the following fastest route:


Updates in every new map

Every time you update your map, the latest IQ Routes data is updated as well.

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