How do I download and install my map? (TomTom HOME)

Updated: 02/06/2015 09.30 PM
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Map downloads can take some time. The length of the process depends on the size of your map and the speed of your internet connection.

Tips before you start

  1. Each new map contains more detail than the last version and will take up more space on your navigation device.
    If your device uses a memory card you may need to buy a larger card for the new map. [ show me how... ]
    If your device does not use a memory card you may be offered map zones. [ show me how... ]

  2. Check that you have enough space on your computer. Maps download as compressed files which then need to be extracted. On your computer, you will need double the size of the map as free space for the extraction of the map. [ more... ]

  3. Check that your internet connection is fast enough and stable enough for the download. This depends on the type of connection, speed of connection and the size of the map to download.
    We advise a broadband connection and if possible, connect with an ethernet cable. [ show me how... ]