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How do I change the volume on my device?

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Volume for voice instructions
You can change the volume from the Driving View.

  1. Tap the left pane of the status bar on these navigation devices:
    GO x50, GO x30, GO x20, GO x10
    XXL 540, XL 340, XL, ONE, Start 10, Start
    Blue&Me TomTom


    Tap the middle pane of the status bar on these devices:
    GO LIVE 2050, GO LIVE 1050, GO 1050, GO 1050 World, GO LIVE 1000, GO 1000, Via series, TomTom Connect, Mazda Navigation System NB1


  2. Adjust the slider.


Volume for hands-free phone calls
On navigation devices that support hands-free calls, the same slider changes the volume of the call during a hands-free phone call.



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