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How can I create more free space on my device? (TomTom HOME)

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This page applies to navigation devices that are updated using TomTom HOME. What software do I need to update my device?

To create more free space on your TomTom device, you can delete files from the memory card or hard drive that you don't use. For example, voices in foreign languages.

To delete files, click Manage my device in TomTom HOME and then select the Items on device tab.

When you delete items from your device HOME recommends to save a copy on your computer.

If you delete maps, make sure you have a backup otherwise you will not be able to install the map again. You can use TomTom HOME to make a backup.
Important: Do not delete a map to install a newer version of the same region.

Note: Your TomTom device must have at least one voice, one map and the TomTom application.

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