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What is the advantage of POIs over Favourites?

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Favourites are places that you go often. You can create Favourites so that you don’t have to enter the address every time you want to navigate there. They don’t have to be places you like, just useful addresses.

Points of Interest or POIs are interesting places on the map. Some examples could be restaurants, hotels, museums, parking garages or petrol stations.

  • You can split your locations into different POI categories (e.g. ‘private’ and ‘business’).
  • While the number of Favourites is limited to 48 per map, the number of POIs is unlimited within a POI category. You can have upto 100 POI categories on your TomTom.
  • Your POIs are not lost when you reset factory settings .
  • You can easily transfer your POIs from one map to another when you purchase a new release of your map in the future.

To see how to transfer your Favourites to a new map, see How do I transfer my Favourites to a new map?

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