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How do I change the night/day colours on my device?

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When it’s dark, it is easier to see the screen if the display on your TomTom device is not brightly lit. Switching between day and night colour schemes can therefore improve visibility.

Switching between day and night colours

  1. From the main menu tap Change Preferences.
  2. Tap Use night colours or Use day colours.
Tip: You can download more colour schemes via TomTom HOME (Add Traffic, Voices, Speed Cameras etc. > Colour Schemes).

You can adjust the brightness separately for day and night colours. Some devices also support automatic switching beween day and night view.

Brightness preferences

  1. From the main menu tap Change preferences.
  2. Tap Brightness preferences (This button may only be available if all menu options are shown. To show all menu options, tap Show ALL menu options from the Preferences menu).

TomTom GO x10, x20, x30 and x40 have a light sensor and can switch between night colours and day colours automatically.
TomTom XL 340, XL 30 Series, ONE 140 and ONE 30 Series make use of a sunrise/sunset timetable.


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