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Update options for your navigation device

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Software updates - no additional cost

We recommend always having the latest version of the TomTom software installed on your navigation device. This ensures you can use the latest features and improvements available for your device. For more information, see How do I update the software on my navigation device?

Map updates - no additional cost with certain devices

If your navigation device came with map updates included in the price, you can download four or more full updates of your map every year for as long as your device is supported *.
You need a computer with an internet connection (or a Wi-Fi® network if your navigation device can update over Wi-Fi®) and a TomTom account to download map updates.

MapShare - no additional cost

MapShare technology allows you to make changes to the map on your navigation device or to report map changes online. Many of the changes made on your device instantly improve your routing and they can also be shared with the MapShare community of 21 million people.

The Daily Map Changes that you receive from the MapShare community include these more dynamic and frequent changes on the road: 

  • Changed speed limits
  • New street names
  • Blocked roads
  • New traffic directions
  • Altered turn restrictions

Map Update Service - Paid service

Roads change by as much as 15% every year. To ensure the best navigation experience, you need to keep your map up-to-date with these changes.

That’s why TomTom has created the Map Update Service. The Map Update Service is the best way to get the most accurate and reliable maps available for your TomTom device. It gives you every single release of your map over a fixed time period, for a great price. For more information, visit

Speed Cameras - One update at no additional cost / Paid subscription

Most TomTom navigation devices come with fixed speed cameras already installed on them. We offer one update of the fixed speed cameras at no additional cost. To receive further speed camera updates, you need to have a LIVE Services subscription or a Speed Camera subscription. For help, see How do I update the speed cameras?

QuickGPSfix - no additional cost

When using QuickGPSfix, your navigation device can calculate where you are very quickly and with only a weak GPS signal. For more information, see What is QuickGPSfix and how do I update it?

* Your TomTom device comes with regular software and fixed speed camera updates and seasonal (4 times per year) updates for maps. To download these updates you need an active internet connection via Wi-Fi® or a computer with access to the internet. Your TomTom device also comes with regular traffic and mobile speed camera services. To receive these services your device needs to be smartphone connected, or equipped with a built-in SIM including Data. All of these services and updates will be available as long as your TomTom device is fully operational. Fully operational means that the device is able to receive software updates, service updates, content and works with current accessories. A device will not be fully operational when one of these can no longer be received by the device or is no longer available. As our map and navigation software technologies evolve they may require newer hardware technology to support this. In case the hardware is no longer compatible, updates will not be possible. Services and updates can only be used on the device they have been purchased with and cannot be transferred to another TomTom device. In order to fully benefit from available updates, please register your device by signing into MyDrive Connect.

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