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About TomTom MapShare

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MapShare technology allows you to make changes to the map on your navigation device or to report map changes online, depending on the model of navigation device.

The Daily Map Changes that you receive from the MapShare community at no additional cost, include the more dynamic and frequent road changes such as:

  • Changed speed limits
  • New street names
  • Blocked roads
  • New traffic directions
  • Altered turn restrictions

You benefit from the local knowledge of the unique TomTom MapShare community who spot and report these changes, helping to get you to your destination without unwanted surprises.

New changes become available every day and you simply need to connect your navigation device to your computer as often as you like to give your map a boost.

If you cannot make map changes on your device, you can report map changes online using the TomTom MapShare Reporter. You can find MapShare Reporter here:

TomTom MapShare community

If you are able to make map changes on your navigation device, the first time you use the Map corrections menu on your TomTom navigation device, you are asked to join the TomTom MapShare community. There is no membership fee, as its sole purpose is to allow every TomTom user to instantly receive map changes made by others.1)

If you decide to join the TomTom MapShare community and to share your changes to the map with other users, then your changes are uploaded to us every time you connect your device to MyDrive Connect or TomTom HOME. At the same time, changes to the map made and reported by other TomTom users are sent to your device after they have been verified.

1) All devices running with map version 8.85 or higher will continue to receive Daily Map Changes for as long as TomTom is actively supporting the device with software, accessories, maps and other content. All devices running with map versions earlier than 8.85 will continue to receive MapShare patches over the period of 12 months. Over time, a high volume of MapShare changes may affect the performance of the route calculation of the device and make it slow down. TomTom is committed to delivering the daily map changes in a way that minimises this impact. This can be further avoided by updating your map periodically.

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