Why is my device not properly recognised? (TomTom HOME)

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The moment you connect your TomTom device to a computer, your device asks Do you want to connect to 'computer'. Once you tap YES it should connect to the computer. TomTom HOME then starts.

If your device does not connect to the computer, it could be caused by your device not responding, TomTom HOME not recognising your device, or your computer not recognising your device. Find the steps for solving each of these issues below.

Device not responding

If your device does not ask you if you want to connect to the computer, try the following:

  • Make sure your device is fully charged before connecting it to the computer.

  • Reset your device.
    Click here to learn how to reset your device.

  • First connect your device to the computer and then turn on the device using the On/Off button.

  • Try using a different USB port.
    Connection to your computer may not be successful if you use a USB hub or a USB port that is on the keyboard, on the front of a desktop computer or a USB port that is not supported by your computer vendor.

  • We recommend that you always use the original USB cable provided with your device, however, in rare cases the USB cable may have developed a fault. To test this, try connecting your device using a different USB cable.

Device not recognised by computer

If your device does not show up as a removable drive under My Computer (Windows) or on your desktop (Mac OS X), try the following:

Mac OS X