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How do I make a backup of my device? (TomTom HOME)

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The easiest way to make a backup of all the contents of your TomTom device is by using TomTom HOME. You can make one backup per device and store it on your computer. When you make a new backup, the old backup for that device is overwritten.

Tip: We recommend setting HOME to back up automatically before installing new content. [ more... ]

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Links mentioned in video: Restoring a map from a backup (TomTom HOME)

  1. Connect your navigation device to your computer and switch it on.
    TomTom HOME starts automatically.

    If TomTom HOME does not start, do one of the following:
    • Windows 8:
      Right-click on the Start screen and click All apps. Then scroll through the list of applications until you see TomTom HOME. Double click to open the program.
    • Older versions of Windows:
      Click Start > All Programs > TomTom > TomTom HOME.
    • Mac:
      Click Go in the Finder menu and choose Applications, then double-click TomTom HOME.

  2. Click Back up and restore in the HOME menu.

    Backup and restore

  3. Click Back up my device and then click Back up now in the bottom right corner.
    HOME backs up your device.

  4. Wait until HOME has finished creating the backup.
    Then click Done.

To see where HOME saves your backups do one of the following:

  • Windows: Click Tools > TomTom HOME Preferences and then select the Folder Preferences tab.
  • Mac: Click TomTom HOME > Preferences... and then select the Folder Preferences tab.

To restore a backup, click Back up and restore in the HOME menu and then click Restore my device.

Backup your navigation device manually
In exceptional cases you may need to backup your navigation device manually. [ show me how... ]

MyDrive Connect or TomTom HOME?

To update your navigation device, you need to use either MyDrive Connect or TomTom HOME. To check which of the two programs you need to install in order to update your device, go to What software do I need to update my device?

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