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How do I check if my TomTom Rider is charging?

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To check if your Rider is being charged, tap the bottom right of the Driving view to get to the route summary screen. If the battery is being charged, the word Charging is shown under the battery symbol on the right.

If you don't see the word Charging, the battery is either fully charged (indicated by a completely filled battery symbol) or it isn’t receiving external power.

Most modern bikes use a Single Wire System (SWS). To connect your Rider to an SWS, additional devices need to be installed with SWS adaptors by technicians. These adaptors are not supplied by TomTom but they are available from your bike manufacturer.

To test if your TomTom Rider bike docking shoe is working, connect it directly to your bike's battery using the supplied battery cable (red = positive, black = negative).

  • If the device then charges correctly, the docking shoe should be wired to your motor bike using an SWS adaptor by a technician.
    Note: Do not leave the battery cable attached to your bike's battery if it uses SWS. This will drain the battery overnight!

  • If the device is not charging with the cable attached directly to the bike's battery, contact our customer support department for further assistance.


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