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How do I connect my remote control to my GO?

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Before you can use the remote control with your TomTom GO x20 / x30 / x40 / x50, the devices need to be paired. The devices pair automatically when you place batteries in the remote control.

To start the pairing, do the following:
  1. Switch on your TomTom navigation device.

  2. Make sure Bluetoooth is enabled on your device:
    Tap Change preferences > Bluetooth® preferences and then select Enable Bluetooth®.

  3. Insert the batteries into your remote control.

    If there are already batteries in your remote control, simply switch it on by pressing any button.

  4. Your remote control starts searching for your GO. The blue light on the remote control flashes. This can take up to 10 seconds.

    The blue light remains lit but stops flashing and you’re asked if you want to accept the connection.

  5. Tap YES.

    Once your remote control is connected, the message Remote control connected is shown in the Driving view.

    You can now control your navigation device with your remote control.

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