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Reporting, confirming, and deleting cameras

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How do I report a missing fixed or mobile camera?

Please report all cameras we've missed by pressing the Report button as close to the actual location as you can get. Your fellow community members will appreciate it.

I have reported a fixed camera, but the next time I drove past it, the app didn't warn me. Why not?

For fixed cameras our expert moderation team investigates all reports individually. Sometimes, due to the high number of reports, it may take up to a week to confirm that your report is a real speed camera, which is active. Please bear with us. Ultimately these manual checks make the warning service of higher quality than a purely community based approach.

Why does the app ask me to confirm that cameras are still there?

We ask the community to help us to verify the location of all speed cameras, so any new or removed cameras can be processed quickly in our database. In some countries, we only ask for a confirmation the first time you drive past a camera, in other countries we will ask the question each time until you answer it. You are not obliged to respond to the question, but the service gets better if you do.

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