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Which Bluetooth® systems are supported?

Most smartphones support Bluetooth®, which will allow you to send the audible warnings emitted by your phone to an external audio system, whether it is a Bluetooth® headset, a Bluetooth®-enabled car kit, or a Bluetooth® system built into your vehicle. This app supports most Bluetooth® sound systems.

If you hear your phone’s ringtone and other alert sounds over your Bluetooth® sound system, the audio alerts that the app emits will also work through this system.

If your sound system only plays music and doesn’t play your ringtone, go to the Settings menu and then select Sounds and Sound Output and set it to Device selected output.

Setting the app to automatically connect to the Bluetooth® system when in range

  • Go to the Settings menu and then select Start/stop and Automatic start up.
  • Make sure you have Bluetooth® turned on or turn it on by going to Bluetooth® settings.
  • Make sure you are paired to the Bluetooth® device you want to automatically start up with when the connection has been established, or connect to a Bluetooth® device by going to the Bluetooth® settings.
  • Search for the device that you want to start up with and select it from the list. From now on the app will automatically start when connecting to that Bluetooth® device and stop when you disconnect.

I have connected my phone to my vehicle's Bluetooth® system, but the sound doesn’t play through the car’s speakers.

Some built-in Bluetooth® systems only support music, some only support telephony sound, and some support both. By default, our app assumes your sound system supports telephony sound and plays warnings through the telephony sound channel.

You can make the app use the media sound channel by going to the Settings menu, then selecting Sounds and Sound Output, and setting it to Device selected output.

Why does my Bluetooth® auto-start no longer work?

If you have stopped the Speed Cameras app in a non-standard way, for example through force stop, this may interfere with the auto-start functionality. Please open the app manually once and then close it, and the feature will work again.

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