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What permissions does the Speed Cameras app need?

The Speed Cameras app uses the following permissions:

  1. Location, to determine the relevant speed cameras to warn you for.
  2. Photos/Media/Files and Storage, to temporary store map and traffic data on your internal storage / SD card to give you a better experience.
  3. Wi-Fi and Network connections, to connect to the Internet.
  4. Change your audio settings, to control the volume directly from the app.
  5. Bluetooth®, to pair with your Bluetooth® car kit / Bluetooth® device.
  6. Draw over other apps, for using the Overlay mode to show the app on top of other apps.

Why does the Speed Cameras app need access to my media files and SD card?

We use the device memory to store our local data. Depending on your device, this could also be on the SD card in your device. Don’t worry - We don’t access any of your private media files even though the permissions message of the Android operating system makes it look like we will. The TomTom Speed Cameras app only accesses its own files.

Can the app work without any of those permissions?

No, the app needs all permissions mentioned above to function correctly, except for the “Draw over other apps” and “Bluetooth®” permission.

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