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App permissions required for AmiGO

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The AmiGO app uses the following permissions:

  • Location: AmiGO needs to know your location to provide navigation instructions and to show relevant warnings for traffic, speed cameras and hazards.
  • Photos/Media/Files and Storage: Amigo stores temporary map and traffic data on your internal storage / memory card to give you a better experience using the app.
  • Wi-Fi® and Network connections: to connect to the Internet.
  • Change your audio settings: to control the volume directly from AmiGO.
  • Bluetooth®: to pair with your Bluetooth® car kit / Bluetooth® device. On Android™, AmiGo can be configured to automatically start and stop based on a known Bluetoooth® connection.
  • Draw over other apps (Android™ only): for using the Overlay mode to show AmiGO on top of other apps.
  • Push Notifications: AmiGO sends you notifications to keep you up-to-date and to enhance your driving experience.

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