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Sound and Spoken Warnings settings

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I do not hear any warnings

First, check the volume by going into the app, then the Settings menu and turn the volume on your phone up. You will see the volume increasing on the volume bar and hear confirmation.

If you are using Bluetooth®, please try changing the sound output channel by going to the Settings menu, select Sounds and Sound Output, then select Always use device speaker.

How can I adjust the warning volume?

This can be set using the phone up/down volume button while in the app, or at the bottom of the Settings menu using the slider, which also allows you to test the volume.

The sound files we use have been specifically made to allow the most flexibility for most people’s requirements when driving. We use the standard Android Device Media volume setting.

How can I use spoken warnings instead of beeps?

Go to the Settings menu and then select Sounds and Sound Type. Here you can choose between Read aloud warnings, Warning sounds and None.

If the option Read aloud warnings is not available, this is because your device is not enabled for text-to-speech. In some devices, depending on your Android version and phone language, text-to-speech (TTS) comes pre-installed, in others you will need to enable it and download the speech data for the selected language(s). Please see your device manual for details on how to do this.

How can I force the sounds to be played through the device speaker even when I have the app connected to a Bluetooth® unit?

This depends on the particular brand and model of your phone. By default, warning sounds are played through the same channel as your phone’s ringtone. On most devices, this uses both the phone’s speaker and the connected audio system, but some phones play ringtones only through the audio system.

If you want the app to play all sounds through the audio system, go to the Settings menu and then select Sounds, Sound Output, and set it to Device selected output.

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