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Battery and GPS

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How much battery power does the app use?

We have attempted to minimize the battery drain in the app. However, it is necessary to use GPS in order to determine whether or not you're approaching a camera. Your smartphone's display also uses a lot of battery power. To minimize the impact, you can dim the screen.

We strongly recommend that you connect your smartphone to the charger at all times when using the app.

How can I minimize the amount of battery power the app uses?

Set the screen to a lower brightness, use the app in Overlay view, or turn the screen off completely and run the app in the background. Also make sure that the app is set to auto-shutdown: go to the Settings menu, then select Start/stop and Close app when idle.

Why does the app sometimes lose the GPS connection?

GPS performance depends on many factors such as the amount of buildings around you, weather, etc. It also depends very much on the GPS hardware and software in your smartphone.

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