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Creating routes on MyDrive and sharing them on Road Trips

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You can create and customise routes with TomTom MyDrive, on The routes you create are saved to your account and can be synced to your navigation device. You can also share your routes – either directly with friends and family, or with the community on TomTom Road Trips.

Creating a route

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Follow these steps to create your route:

  1. Go to, and log in with your TomTom account.

  2. Click Plan Route in the menu bar on the left side.

  3. Start by searching for addresses or points of interest to set the starting point and destination for your route.

  4. MyDrive will by default plan the fastest, most efficient path between the two points. If you want to plan a more interesting route, click Thrill.

  5. Now you can set how hilly or winding a route you want.

  6. Once your route is set you can add stops by clicking on a point on the map you want to drive through, and then clicking Add Stop.

  7. If you want to fine-tune your trip, click and hold the left mouse button on any point of your route, and simply drag it across the area or roads you want to drive through.

Enriching your route

There are several features available if you want to make your trip more enjoyable. MyDrive can highlight particularly beautiful or interesting stretches of road on the map. Open Settings and activate Scenic Segments.

Once this setting is turned on, the map will display these segments with a green highlight.

If you want to incorporate a particular scenic segment in your trip, just click and drag your route over the road and adjust it to your liking.

MyDrive can also display suggestions on popular attractions (), restaurants () and accommodations () on the map, and offer more information from TripAdvisor on any of these points of interest that you select. Simply click the icon at the bottom of the screen for the category you want visible on the map.

When you click on a point of interest, an overview opens up on the left side of the screen with photos, information and reviews. There is also a button for easily planning a route to that particular attraction, or to add it to your route if you already have a planned route open.

Sharing your routes

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Publishing a route on TomTom Road Trips

You can upload and share any route you have created on MyDrive with the TomTom Road Trips community. Anyone can browse all the routes uploaded to either to find inspiration for their own trip planning, or to just pick one they wish use themselves.

To share a route on Road Trips, select it under My Routes, and click the toggle-switch for Publish on TomTom Community Routes.

Before you can publish your route you are asked to provide a photo, description and at least one relevant tag for your route, to make sure your route stands out and is shown in the relevant categories.

Once you are happy with the presentation of your route, click Save & Publish. Now other users can find, rate and use your route on

Sharing a route

You can also share routes you have created on MyDrive on social media, by sending direct links or by downloading a .gpx file and transferring it manually. Select a route in My Routes, and click Share Route.

Here you see the different sharing options, and you can choose to share the route on Facebook, Twitter, via your default email program, or you can click the link icon to have the address copied to your clipboard.

You can also download your route to your computer on this page, if you want to share it manually or import it on a navigation device or program that does not sync with TomTom MyDrive. Just click the download button and the route will be saved as a .gpx file on your computer.

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