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TomTom Sports Connect version 3.3.9 or higher allows you to skip registration while setting up your watch or fitness tracker. If you don't register your device many features will be unavailable.

Without registering your device to a TomTom account, you can do the following using TomTom Sports Connect:

  • Update the software on your watch or activity tracker
  • Update QuickGPSfix
  • Update golf courses on your Golfer watch

Without registering your device to a TomTom account, you cannot do the following:

  • Use the TomTom Sports website or the TomTom Sports mobile app
  • Export activity data to third parties
  • Set height, weight, age, goals, etc. for your fitness tracker

We recommend registering your watch or fitness tracker to your TomTom account so that you can get the most out of your product.

If you decide to register your product to a TomTom account at a later stage, you need to factory reset your watch or fitness tracker. All data stored up to that moment will be lost.

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