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Delete my TomTom account

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If you do not want us to store your personal information any longer, you can remove your TomTom account from our database. Before requesting this, make sure you have read and understood the consequences of this as we will not be able to undo this request.

If you delete your TomTom account, you will not be able to access any TomTom services, such as map updates, LIVE Services or speed camera updates. Your TomTom navigation device won’t update anymore and your TomTom watch/band will have extremely limited functionality.

You will no longer have:

  • The right to refund your recent purchases.
  • Your order, repair information or contact history.
  • TomTom Discussions Forum account
  • TomTom app access/login
  • LIVE Services
  • Map updates
  • MapShare reports
  • Speed Camera updates
  • Drive details
  • Sports details and activities

For legal reasons, we do need to retain some of your order information.

If you still wish to delete your account please request this through the Online form. After your request, we will go ahead and delete your account. After deletion, we will not be able to contact you to confirm this process.

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