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Pairing a smartphone and your Rider to a headset

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We recommend that you pair both your smartphone and Rider to your headset so you can receive calls, notifications and traffic updates.

If you have already tried to connect your devices, we recommend you to clear the pairing history on your device and phone and start again. This will establish a new Bluetooth® session between the devices.

To connect your devices, follow these steps:

  1. Pair your phone to your headset using the headset's Bluetooth® channel 1.
  2. Pair your Rider to your phone.
  3. Pair your Rider to your headset using the headset's Bluetooth® channel 2.

If you experience lower quality turn-by-turn instructions with this method, try connecting your Rider to the headset’s Bluetooth® channel 1

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Improving the quality of GPS instructions

If your headset has A2DP support on channel 2, go to Settings > Bluetooth® on you device, select the headset name and then select activate A2DP setting. The status should change to Connected shortly.

If your headset status doesn’t show as Connected after one minute, then it doesn’t have A2DP support on this channel.

To see the list of the features you are able to use based on your headset model click here.

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Does your headset only have one channel for Bluetooth®? click here to see instructions for the different configurations available.

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