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To work out more effectively, you can now select one of 50 personalised workouts that are downloaded automatically to the watch after connecting it to the TomTom Sports website or app. There are workouts for both running and cycling activity types and they come in 5 categories: Fat Burn, Endurance, Fitness, Speed and Power.

You can review the contents of each workout under WORKOUTS on the PLANNING tab of the TomTom Sports website. For each individual workout you can also manually change the intensity using the difficulty slider. Moving the slider to the right makes the workout more difficult, and moving it to the left makes the workout easier. Moving the slider only impacts the work segments.

  • For work segments that have a heart rate zone set as an intensity goal, the time or distance of the segments changes.
  • For work segments that have a target pace/speed set as an intensity goal, the pace or speed of the work segments changes.

If the workout is still not challenging enough you can also customise up to 5 different workouts for Running and 5 for Cycling by clicking Edit as a copy or Add new workout on the TomTom Sports website. Choose the number of sets, intensity, speed, pace, distance and duration of your custom workout and take things to the next level!

Any changes you make using either the intensity slider or a custom workout are synced to your watch the next time you connect it to your computer or phone.

Watches with a built-in heart rate monitor have workouts mainly based on your own heart rate zones. Workouts on watches without a built-in heart rate monitor use pace/speed to set the right intensities to get your working towards your fitness goals.

The Running workouts are available on the watch for the following activity types: Run, Treadmill, Trail Run and Freestyle. The Cycling workouts are available for Cycle and Indoor Cycling. The heart rate based workouts can be done either indoors or outdoors, the pace/speed based workouts work best with GPS based outdoor activities.

Warning: When performing any of the workouts outdoors, be considerate of your environment and exercise common sense and good judgment.

Warning: Personalised workouts do not constitute medical advice, nor are they meant to cure, treat or prevent a disease. We advise you to consult your doctor before starting a new exercise programme.

Note: When you use workouts in an activity, auto pause is disabled on your watch. Workouts and all of the advanced training modes are mutually exclusive: when you select either one, the other automatically gets disabled.

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