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Variation of fitness points for different activity types

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Fitness Points are gained based on the following:

  • Your current fitness level ie. your Fitness Age and VO2max.
  • The intensity and duration of your activities, where intensity is measured using your heart rate.

In order to improve your cardiovascular fitness your heart rate needs to increase significantly and for a longer period of time. So a tough weight lifting routine may give you less Fitness Points than a short run since your heart rate doesn't increase as much or only increases in short bursts.

To be able to properly measure Fitness Points it is important to get accurate heart rate readings. To ensure accurate readings, follow the guidelines below.

  • Wear the watch in the normal way, with the watch face on top of your wrist and the bottom of the watch touching your skin, away from the wrist bone.


  • Do the strap up so that it is tight to your wrist without being uncomfortable.


  • You get the most accurate results from the heart rate monitor when you are warmed up.

Under the following circumstances built-in heart rate monitors may not perform optimally:

  • When it's cold outside and/or your skin is cold.
  • When you tense your forearms. For instance during rowing, canoeing, or weight lifting workouts.

Since Fitness Points are based on your heart rate, you may experience some inconsistencies with the calculation of Fitness Points in the above scenarios. However, this doesn't impact how Fitness Points help you improve your Fitness Age or VO2max. Our tests have shown that Fitness Points are the best measure of how to improve your fitness level.

If you want to ensure more accurate Fitness Points calculations during these types of activities, we recommend using an external Bluetooth®* heart rate monitor.

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