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VO2max and Fitness Age calculation

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VO2max is calculated for running, trail running or treadmill activities that have a relatively steady heart rate measurement for more than 15 minutes, and should work for all different activity levels.

What is VO2max?

VO2max is the maximum amount of oxygen your body can utilise during exercise, per kilogram of body weight, per minute. It is a gold standard for measuring your overall aerobic fitness level.

A high VO2max means being able to exercise for prolonged periods at a higher performance level. Studies show that individuals with a high cardiovascular fitness and a high VO2max, tend to live longer and have a much lower risk of cardiovascular and other diseases.

If you never use your watch for running, trail running or treadmill, but use it for 24/7 activity tracking and other types of activities such as cycling, gym, swimming or other indoor activities, VO2max is estimated based on your general activity level and will be less accurate.

During the first couple of days of use or if you never wear your watch for running or 24/7 tracking, VO2max is estimated based on your profile and self-reported activity level, and will be less accurate. As your watch learns about your behaviour and heart rate versus speed analysis over time, you can expect VO2max to become more accurate.

Fitness Age is calculated by comparing your measured VO2 max to population averages of VO2max by age and gender that can be found in the American College of Sports Medicine’s Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription (Ninth Edition). The VO2max to fitness age calculation is different for men and women, because men have, on average, a higher VO2max than women in all age ranges. As an example, if you are a woman of 33 years old and your Fitness Age is 27, your fitness level is the same as the average 27 year old woman in this American College of Sports Medicine’s study. In other words, as VO2max naturally deteriorates with age, you are doing great.

The lowest Fitness Age we show is 20 years.

I don’t see my Fitness Age

If you’re not very fit (yet!), we give an indication of how fit you are compared to the general female or male of your age, for example Your fitness level is lower than 85% of the average male of your age. This gives you some information and helps you to get going and make a change.

You can view your Fitness Age and VO2max on the TomTom Sports website by selecting Progress and then Body under All Sports. In the TomTom Sports App you can view your Fitness Age and VO2max on the Trends tab.

Note: This product feature uses advanced heart rate analytics provided by Firstbeat Technologies Oy.The information provided by TomTom Fitness Age is an estimation of your fitness level and does not constitute medical advice, nor is it meant to cure, treat or prevent a disease. We advise you to consult your doctor before starting a new exercise program.

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