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Activity tracking on your Golfer 2

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Note: Activity tracking is not supported by the Golfer 2 Special Edition.

Important: Activity tracking requires software 1.2.96 or higher. Connect your watch to TomTom Sports Connect on your computer to check for updates.

You can use your Golfer 2 to track how active you are. Here are some of things you can do:

  • Track steps, time spent being physically active, calories burned and distance moved.

    Tip: Distance is walking distance based on steps and height.

  • Set a daily goal for one of these metrics on your watch.
  • Use a weekly goal that is automatically generated based on your daily goal multiplied by 7.
  • See your daily and weekly progress for your set goal.

Activity Tracking Accuracy

Activity tracking aims to provide information to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle. Your watch uses sensors that track your movement. The data and information provided is intended as a close estimation of your activity, but may not be completely accurate, including step, sleep, distance and calorie data.

Note: Activity tracking in only available on your Golfer 2 watch. It is not available in the TomTom Golfer app.

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