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Automatic pause detection in the Sports app and on the Sports website

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Automatic pause detection is introduced with version 5 of the TomTom Sports app and on 31/5/2017 on the TomTom Sports website. Automatic pause detection removes the time that you are stood still from your activity.

With the introduction of automatic pause detection, your run, trail run and cycling activities may change.

Automatic pause detection works in the following way:

  • You must record your run, trail run or cycle ride using a TomTom Sports GPS watch.
  • In an activity, any period of more than 3 seconds with the speed below 1 km/h or km/m starts automatic pause detection.
  • Automatic pause detection stops when you reach 2 km/h or km/m speed again.
  • All your activities, trends, personal bests, and goals that were recorded on a TomTom Sports GPS watch and which are in your history are modified.
  • Time-based metrics such as pace, speed, stride rate, cadence, as well as active time, are updated to the new active time that excludes automatic pause times.
  • Automatic pauses are displayed as pauses on the activity details pages.
  • Your total activity time still includes the automatic pauses. You can also see it on the activity details pages.

Note: Activities which you imported from other sites or devices will not be changed.

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