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Auto pause

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Auto pause removes the time that you are not moving from your activity.

On your watch

To switch auto pause on or off, press down from the activity start screen and select PAUSE, then press right. Select ON or OFF.
Auto pause is available on the following TomTom Sports watches:

  • TomTom Adventurer
  • TomTom Runner 3 and Runner 2
  • TomTom Spark 3 and Spark

Note: If you enable auto pause for an activity type on your watch, it overrides the setting you’ve chosen for the TomTom Sports website and mobile app.

Auto pause is available for the following activities:

  • Run
  • Cycle
  • Trail run
  • Hike
  • Freestyle

Auto pause is disabled when you use training or workout in an activity.

TomTom Sports website and mobile app

To switch auto pause on or off, do one of the following:

  • On the TomTom Sports website, go to your Preferences.
  • In the TomTom Sports mobile app, select the Manage tab, tap Settings > Better Averages.

Note: Changes in the auto pause settings on the web or mobile app are not automatically synced with the watch. To enable auto pause on your watch during an activity, you need to enable it on your watch for each activity type as described above.

Tip: When you enable auto pause, your run, trail run, cycle, hike and freestyle activity summaries may change. When you disable auto pause, pauses that were added during activities on your watch are removed.

Auto pause on the TomTom Sports website and mobile app works in the following way:

  • You must record your run, trail run, cycle, hike or freestyle activity using a TomTom Sports GPS watch.
  • All your activities, trends, personal bests, and goals that were recorded on a TomTom Sports GPS watch for this activity type and which are in your history are modified.
  • Time-based metrics such as pace, speed, stride rate, cadence, as well as active time, are updated to the new active time that excludes automatic pause times.
  • Automatic pauses are displayed as pauses on the activity details pages.
  • Your total activity time still includes the automatic pauses. You can also see it on the activity details pages.

Note: Activities which you imported from other sites or devices will not be changed.

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