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Improvements of the TomTom Sports app over the MySports app

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TomTom Sports App v.1.0 vs. TomTom MySports

Trends: more actionable feedback and insights on users' progress. More visual comparisons take away the need to analyze complex graphs; longer-term focus and advice to keep on track to achieve your goals.

More advanced, richer  Performance Analytics down to the second.

Get motivated by seeing your Personal Best for your distance, pace, speed. Easily reach all your Personal Bests in the Activities' Tab filter.

Know when to push yourself with Personal Best Splits – e.g. the fastest segment of your runs or cycles.

User-friendly, more motivating experience: design and user experience are meant to support people in their efforts

Faster experience of a native app compared to MySports, and improvements in connectivity / transfer of activities. Assistive UI with help on how to use the features, pair…

Improved Social Sharing, with more formatting options

New Latest feed , your personal dashboard with the most interesting information at a glance

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