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Importing your data from Google Fit or Apple Health to the TomTom Sports App

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With this update you can now import your 24/7 activity data from Google Fit (Android™) or Apple Health (iOS), which includes steps, active time, distance and calories.

In the TomTom Sports app, you can set your goals and get credit for every step even if you are not wearing your TomTom Sports device. The TomTom Sports app motivates you using Trends and proactive feedback about how you progress, and has new Daily Summaries showing your achievements throughout the day.

If you are connected to Google Fit or Apple Health and wear your TomTom Sports device at the same time, your activity data will not get duplicated.

How to import 24/7 data

To enable imports from Google Fit or Apple Health, follow these simple steps:

  1. In the TomTom Sports App, select the Manage tab.
  2. Tap Connected Apps.
  3. Switch on Google Fit or Apple Health.
  4. Follow the steps of Android™ or iOS to guide you through the authentication.

You are now ready to import your steps, calories, active time and distance, and your progress in the Trends tab.

Don't have a TomTom Sports device yet?

You can now try the app for 24/7 activity tracking even if you don't have a TomTom Sports device. To do so, download the TomTom Sports app, create a profile, and follow the steps above. To try the full set of features you'd get with a TomTom Sports device, you can always check the Demo account on the app's login screen, or visit

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