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Transferring your account to the new TomTom Sports mobile app

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If you are using the TomTom Sports mobile app, you are eligible for an update to our new and improved TomTom Sports mobile app.

Important: If you have a TomTom Golfer watch, you should continue to use the TomTom Sports mobile app.

There is an easy way to transfer your profile, account and device information to the new mobile app.

Note: Your activities and your Sports account remain unaffected. The migration simply ensures a smooth transition of all your settings.

To transfer your account to the new mobile app, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure location services are enabled in the settings on your phone.
  2. Make sure you are using the latest version of the original TomTom Sports mobile app.
    • Version 2.3.12 or higher for Android™
    • Version 2.0.13 or higher for iOS
  3. In the TomTom Sports mobile app, tap Get the App to download it. Alternatively, download the new TomTom Sports app from
    Note: This app is delivered to you in phases. This means that it may only be offered to you in a few days time.
  4. Open the new app and tap Transfer.
    The app securely transfers your account and device information to the new app.
  5. Wait until the data transfer is complete.

You can now remove the TomTom Sports mobile app from your phone. Once your watch or activity tracker is paired with the new TomTom Sports app, you can no longer use the old app.

About the new TomTom Sports mobile app
The new TomTom Sports App is designed to help you get going, move more and stay motivated. The app allows tracking all your sports and activities in one place, with trends, progress insights, and personal bests accessible at a glance. You can dive deeper to see more detailed analysis, and stay motivated by sharing your achievements with friends through social media. Learn more on .

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