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Charging your iPhone in the car while using the GO Mobile app

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When using the TomTom GO Mobile app for iPhone for longer periods in the car, it might be useful to charge your iPhone at the same time. We recommend using a car charger that provides at least 2A of charging power.

We do not recommend using the car’s USB port for charging your iPhone while using the GO Mobile app because in most cases it doesn’t supply enough power.

If you choose to use the car’s USB port for charging your iPhone, ensure that audio from the iPhone is still using the iPhone’s built-in speaker or using the car stereo. If you don’t hear any audio from the iPhone when it’s connected to the car’s USB port, it means that the GO Mobile app won’t be able to provide you with voice instructions while driving.

If you use the car’s USB port, check that you’re still given voice instructions, sounds and warnings. Open Voices in Settings and tap the installed voice or the volume slider to trigger a test voice command.

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