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Changes to maps and services updates for older devices

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Why we need to do this

Throughout the last 12 years, we have continuously improved the quality of the maps and software used by your navigation device. However, the internal memory required to install these higher quality maps increases every year.

While we work tirelessly to launch new technologies and deliver a great customer experience, it has become clear that some of our earlier generation navigation devices do not have sufficient internal memory to store the latest maps and features.

How it will affect your device

For affected devices (see the full list of affected devices), from November 15, 2016:

  • You will not be able to buy new maps or services.
  • You will also not receive new software updates.
  • Your trusted device will continue to function as it does now, but your map will become out-of-date and navigation will be less accurate.
However, this may be the perfect opportunity to discover what our new range of navigation products has to offer you.

You can find more information on our latest devices here:

Map Update Service and LIVE Services

You will continue to receive your map updates and LIVE Services updates until the end of your subscription. You will not be able to renew the subscription after it has ended.

How to install a map update

To be able to install map updates on one of the devices listed below, you may need to free-up internal memory that is currently used by other content on your device, for example voices and POIs. If there is still not enough space, you have the following options:

  • Install a map zone (see video)
  • Insert an SD memory card to extend the storage space of your device (available on some devices only)
List of affected devices
GO 300 (M1) GO 730 (J3) ONE 30 Series / ONE 125
GO 500 (M3) (2005) GO 750 (W8) START (XA/XC)  
GO 510 / GO 710 (V5) (2006) GO CLASSIC (B1) XL 30 Series (RB/RM/RH/RO/RQ)  
GO 520 (M2/M4) (2007) ONE 1st Edition (G1/G2) XL IQ Routes ² / XL Classic (GG/GH)  
GO 530 (J1/J2) ONE 2nd Edition (E1/E2/Z1/Z2/Z3)    
GO 540 (WT) ONE 3rd Edition
GO 550 LIVE (W3) ONE XL (L1/L2/L3/L4/L7/L9)    
GO 715 (M7) ONE XL HD TRAFFIC (F3)    

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