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Using breadcrumb trails on your GPS Watch

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Adventurer, Runner 3 and Spark 3 GPS watches can draw breadcrumb trails for activities that use GPS. Breadcrumb trails allow you to see an overview of your route and understand the steps necessary to get back to your starting point.

Note: If you are using your watch for the first time, you need to calibrate your compass. You do so by moving rotating your watch according to the animation shown on the screen.
To see your breadcrumb trail, start an activity that uses GPS. Breadcrumb trails show the following:

  • Your current GPS position is shown as a chevron in the centre of the screen.
  • Your starting point is shown as a home icon.
  • The arrow tells you which direction you are facing when standing still and which direction you are headed when moving.
  • You can switch between a detailed view and an overview dependent on the total size of the breadcrumb trail.

To use breadcrumbs, start an activity that uses GPS. From the activity screen, press RIGHT to review your heartrate if you have a Cardio watch, and then UP to access the breadcrumb trail.

Note: It is important to regularly calibrate the compass to make sure it maintains its accuracy. Go to Settings on the watch, then Sensors, and then Compass.

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