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Using Trails on your GPS watch

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With Adventurer, Runner 3 and Spark 3 you can follow trails in activities that use GPS. To use trails you need to either convert a previous activity in TomTom Sports to a trail, or upload a GPX file from another website.

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To convert a previous GPS activity to a trail on your watch do the following:

  1. Open one of your previous GPS activities.
  2. Click on More in the top right hand corner of the screen.
  3. Click on COPY TO TRAILS.
  4. The trail then appears in the trails list of the PLANNING section.
  5. Connect the watch to your computer. Your trail is automatically uploaded to your watch after the synchronisation is done.

To upload a trail to your watch from a .GPX file do the following:

  1. Go to PLANNING on the TomTom Sports website.
  2. Click Upload trail.
  3. Double-click a GPX file on your computer.
  4. TomTom Sport uploads the trail.
  5. Click the name if you want to change it.
  6. Connect your watch to the computer to sync the trail.

Tip: There are many websites that allow you to download GPX files.
To select a trail on your watch do the following:

Watch the video

  1. The following activities use GPS:
    Run, Cycle, Freestyle, Hike or Trail run. *
    Select one of these activities and press RIGHT.
  2. Press DOWN to go to the Settings screen and select TRAILS.
  3. Select a trail from the list.

* Not all activities are available on all watches.

You see the full trail displayed as a thin line. You also see the start of the trail, shown by a “flag” icon, and the end of the trail, shown by a “finish” icon.

Your position is indicated by the arrow. The arrow tells you which direction you are facing when standing still and which direction you are headed when moving. A thicker line shows your breadcrumb trail, displaying where you have been.

You can press RIGHT to go to a zoomed-in view of your trail, and press LEFT to zoom back out to the overview screen. A scale bar of each of these views is shown at the bottom of the display.

Note: It is important to regularly calibrate the compass to make sure it maintains its accuracy. Go to Settings on the watch, then Sensors, and then Compass.

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