Get Started with TomTom Touch

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1Download MySports Connect and connect your TomTom Touch

To get started with your TomTom Touch, download and install MySports Connect on your computer.

Download for Windows Do you use Mac OS X? Download here.

To connect your fitness tracker to your computer, firmly press the top part of the module until the module pops out of the strap. Using the USB cable you received with the tracker, connect the module to your computer.


MySports Connect opens automatically when your TomTom Touch is connected to your computer. Follow the MySports Connect on-screen instructions to get started, download software updates and register your device.

2Sign up for MySports and register your TomTom Touch

When you log in to MySports Connect, the MySports website opens in your browser. Whether you're creating an account or signing in with an existing account, make sure your profile information (height, weight, age and gender) is filled in correctly. This information is needed for accurate tracking of your activity and body composition.

On the MySports website you'll be able to view your activities, stats and progress.

You should connect your fitness tracker to your computer regularly to charge it and get the latest software updates.


3Get the TomTom MySports mobile app and connect your TomTom Touch