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What data is recorded when using TomTom Touch?

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Your TomTom Touch automatically tracks sleep and active time, calories burned, steps and distance. The calculations are based on built-in heart rate and motion sensors as well as your user profile which comprises age, gender, height and weight. Since the tracker does not contain a GPS chip, the distance statistics are approximated based on your steps.

You can see your daily stats by swiping through the screens below the clock face on the fitness tracker. You can also see your statistics on the TomTom Sports website and in the TomTom Sports app when you sync your fitness tracker.

In the app and on the website you can see workout-specific stats as well as overall progress and progress on any goals you have set.  You can also see your 24/7 heart rate measurements, provided you have enabled All day heart rate in the Device menu of the TomTom Sports app.

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