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Starting an activity on your TomTom Touch

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The Sports mode can be used for all your sport activities. This start-stop mode captures time, heart rate and calories burned based on your heart rate. You can use this mode for any sports, except for swimming and water sports.

  1. To start an activity on your TomTom Touch, swipe to the sports mode above the clock face, where you'll see the exercise icon.
  2. Press the button briefly to start recording an activity.
    A vibration confirms that the activity is being recorded.
  3. While recording an activity, press the button once to wake up the screen and then swipe to see your active time, calories burned, heart rate and clock time.
  4. To stop an activity, press the button once to wake up the screen and swipe to the top screen where you'll see a finish flag, then press the button again until there's a buzz and you see a tick on the screen.

Once you've recorded your activity, you can sync it by connecting your TomTom Touch to the TomTom Sports mobile app on your phone or to TomTom Sports Connect on your computer. You can view, edit and share your sports activities in the TomTom Sports mobile app or on the TomTom Sports website.

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