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What is my ideal body composition?

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As the ideal body composition can vary a lot from person to person, we cannot give you an accurate estimate for this. The TomTom Touch is designed to help you get a better picture of how your health and body changes over time. In order to facilitate this, we provide you with a graph showing changes to your body composition numbers for a selected time range. You can view this graph on the TomTom Sports website and in the TomTom Sports mobile app in the Progress tab.

You can also set body goals, such as a certain weight or fat percentage by selecting Goals on the website or in the app. Once a goal is set you can view your progress towards this goal alongside your other activity data.

If you would like personalised advice regarding your body composition, we recommend consulting a licensed personal trainer or medical professional.

You can find more information about body composition in this article from the American College of Sports Medicine, as well as other online resources.

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