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Recording a stroke manually on your Golfer 2

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You can always record a stroke manually by covering the screen with your palm. You see a +1 stroke notification on the screen and the watch vibrates to let you know that one stroke has been recorded.

Note:  All putts need to be recorded manually. When you record a stroke manually on a green you see a +1 putt notification to let you know that one putt has been added successfully to your scorecard.

When palming the screen to record a stroke, the watch also saves the GPS position of the stroke. This way you can see your shots displayed correctly in the TomTom Sports app.

An alternative way to record strokes is to use the scorecard view and manually move Up or Down to add strokes or putts. However, when recording strokes this way, these strokes are not shown on the course map in the TomTom Golfer App because the GPS coordinates of these strokes are not saved in the watch.

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