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Autoshot detection on my Golfer 2

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The autoshot feature detects all of your swings while only adding one stroke to your scorecard at each location. This means that you can take as many practice swings as you wish and you still get only one stroke added to the scorecard as long as you stay within a range of 15 metres. If you need to record more strokes for one location, for example for a penalty shot or a putt, you can do that easily by covering the screen with your palm to manually record a stroke.

By default the watch is set for using right-handed clubs.  If you use left-handed clubs , go to SETTINGS > PROFILE > CLUBS and select LEFT.

Whenever a stroke is added to your scorecard you feel your watch to vibrate and see a +1 stroke notification appearing on the screen. You can change this in the setting on your watch. Go to SETTING > OPTIONS > STROKES to choose BEEP + VIBRATE, BEEP, VIBRATE or OFF.

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