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Reinstalling the Navigation app for iPhone

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The TomTom Navigation app for iPhone is no longer available for purchase.

Rapid changes in TomTom and Apple technologies mean that we cannot continue offering updates to this app indefinitely. For this reason, we will not be supporting this app from September onwards. More information will follow in our next update.
Until this time, you will receive map and software updates and we hope that you will continue to enjoy using the iPhone Navigation app.

If your app is still installed on your iPhone you are alerted in the Updates tab of the App Store app whenever an update is available.

If your app is not installed on your iPhone you can find it in the App Store by clicking on one of the links below.

To install the app you first need to click on the app price and then tap Buy. Don’t worry - after you have entered your Apple ID and password the App Store recognises that you already own the app. You will not be charged to re-install it.

We recommend that you keep your TomTom Navigation app installed so that you are informed of app and map updates whenever these become available.

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