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Which features will be added in the future to the GO Mobile for iPhone app?

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Here are some of the features that we are working on:

  • Show contacts on the map.
  • Map error reporting.
  • Avoid roadblock.
  • MyDrive support (to synchronise the app with MyDrive to safely back-up and restore your favourite places and import community POIs).

The features we've already introduced are listed below. You can find out more about these from your user manual:

  • Waypoints support (to add stops to your route).
  • Show alternative routes.
  • Smaller European maps (to drive cross-border in Europe with less storage space needed).
  • More voice options (to receive guidance in a different language than your iPhone language).
  • Winding roads.
  • 3D Touch support.
  • Power saving options.
  • Navigate to contacts.
  • Menu shortcuts for home and work.
  • Simultaneous search for addresses and POIs.
  • Volume control slider.
  • Enhanced Menu, Back and Drive buttons.
  • Improved US speed panel visuals.
  • Map update support.
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